New deadline to participate to competition for free residency
The new deadline to participate to competition for free residency with final exhibition is the 28th of  February 2013.
Application and documentation are the same requested in the published announcement.
It's possible to obtain the number of bank account to payment of the fee to participation after that own identity card is sent.

Residency Competition 2013 final selection
Residency competition 2013 Final selection
Award-winning projects
- for interaction with local resources
- for consistency with the portfolio of projects presented
- for the precision and intelligibility presentations sent
Chiara Bersani
Clare Benson and Christiana Caro
Edoardo Aruta
Alberto Venturini
Chiara Bertin
Roberto Atzori
Daniele Giuseppe Bornino

We thank all the participating artists and we hope to give course to future collaborations.
April 27, 2013

2012 opening of the exhibition spaces

Artist in residency program



This masterclass offers a rare opportunity to work with one of the experts on Indian Tribal Art. Artist, painter and photographer Anu.G will lead a week-long practical painting workshop looking at the properties of Indian Tribal art, which supply the traditional structure for painting. The workshop will provide an overview of the various painting techniques are introduced while you explore basic composition, colour and the use of tools and materials. Alongside these, through hands-on experience, you will take an investigative approach to the techniques and methods Tribal artists have used through the ages. Linear structure,mass and spatial properties are explored as you experiment . You will continue to explore painting techniques, tools and materials, and their applications through which you can convey messages, ideas, emotions and issues. Traditional techniques and systems will be explored. The class is suitable for artists, decorators, and anyone interested in learning about painting . Recipes for making various types of artworks will be supplied. Participants should bring their own sketchbooks, extra paper and a few brushes

Anu.G is an artist and educator from India.She has taught Indian Tribal art painting and knowledge about the expressive aesthetic concept at a number of workshops in India and abroad. She has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of interdisciplinary projects.She has exhibited at National Centre of Performing Arts Gallery,India, Italy, ArtBasel Switzerland,Camlin National Painting ,India and many more.



SINCRESIS is a cultural non-profit organization for contemporary arts founded in 2006.
After a series of exhibitions with artists of national importance and meetings/ conferences for the presentation of artistic experimentation of our time has changed part of its spaces as artist in residence in a program started in September 2012.
One of the aims of the association is the promotion of culture and art practices such as the development of intercultural routes (between styles, generations and nations) through research in the various languages of artists and curators from different generations and from all countries that operate in various areas of art and culture, and to promote cultural exchanges and integration processes and comparison with activities and appropriate strategies.
SINCRESIS has spaces for artist in residence, laboratory and studio for exhibitions.

The competition in question arises, therefore, the need to know and appreciate the art practices of generations and from different countries in the idea of
​​guaranteeing the free use of residences for artists and curators to allow the development and implementation of projects selected operating in various fields in order to create a dialogue and an exchange of creative experimentation, and to set a file / dossier also be proposed to exchange experiences with other institutions that are characterized as artist residencies.

The subject areas in which the participants in the competition must refer to in the course of the residency project are as follows:

1) intercultural as exchange between different cultures and shared values
​​for the development of creative skills through discussion and understanding of diversity.
2) globalization as a progressive growth of relationships and exchanges that implies in today's world social, cultural, technological, political, anthropological configure a new concept of
​​technological man, the product of a system, but also ready to deal with other cultures, giving rise to interactions complex and critical positions.
3) free subject.
Choice of types of project

Marcello Di Donato, director of Hybrida Gallery, Rome
Lucia Giardino, director and coordinator of F_AIR Florence Artist in Residence 
Mario Gorni, Director of Care of DOCVA, Milan
Laura Vecere, Professor Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and art critic
Coordinator: Alessandra Scappini, President of the Cultural Association SINCRESIS  

How to participate

For the participants there are no age limits. Anyone can participate with one or more projects in relation to the choice of one or more subject areas.
Authors must send the own project/s by e-mail at the following address:, or mail at the headquarters organizational SINCRESIS Cultural Association, 52/54 Republic Street, 50053 Empoli (Florence) Italy by January 15, 2013. For postage is the stamp of the receiving. The registration fee for participants is € 30 payable by money order or bank using the number of the bank account which will be indicated by the association by sending an e mail to:
The artist/curator must submit the following documents:

Portfolio for the last two / three years of artistic or curatorial activities, with images, explanatory texts and critical documents. 
Data sheet of the project/s to be undertaken during the residency.  
Application form, biographical note, a copy of an identity document, proof of payment of the registration fee.
The portfolio and required materials must be submitted in digital format (pdf, jpg)

Mode selection and award
The jury is convened on the basis of a large number of participants, a pre-selection and
final selection of projects based on the material received. 
The portfolio and the data sheet of the project/s submitted will not be returned.
Be granted at least five awards of residence free of varying length from a minimum of ten days to a maximum of forty days for the year 2013, according to the characteristics of the project, providing, by the jury, adequate time for its establishment and organization of an exhibition or presentation of the work done during the given period.  
During the residency artists / curators selected can work to the proposed project in the space of the association, with due precaution, meet artists and critics, be accompanied to visit other places and exhibition spaces for contemporary art in the area.
The images of each selected project and the work done during the residency will provide documentation to be published on the website of the association and on websites dedicated to contemporary art of national importance.
At the end of the residency and presentation of the work as a work in progress every artist can choose to leave or withdraw material and / or works or within ten days from its own resources. Otherwise, the association may provide a return materials only on delivery to the consignee.


Participation in the competition is bound to pay the registration fee.    

The invitation is extended to italian and foreign artists and curators regardless of age.
Each winner will be awarded by the Commission for a residence free time from ten to forty days for the year 2013 based on the characteristics of the project and the logistical and technical aspects of construction, to be completed with the organization of an exhibition or presentation of the job. Each artist selected will be offered accommodation subject to availability, as only presence in residence or up to a maximum of two in the same period.    
The technical data and the portfolio will not be returned.

Expiration dates may be subject to changes reported in the news website of the association Sincresis.

The exhibited works or papers presented at the end of an exhibition and at the end of the residence, if they are not left to free choice, must to be withdrawn by their own means within ten days or, otherwise, the organization will be returned to the sender via courier borne by the recipient.

The participants at the time of the application for participation in the Competition, unconditionally accept the procedures of the Prize as described above, and the results of that defined by the Jury.
For the application form to fill in the attached form and join consent to the processing of personal data.
For more information: 
SINCRESIS D’A Art Space Cultural Association
52/54 Republic Street
50053 Empoli (Florence)
+39 0571 73619

WORKSHOP WITH THE YOUNG ARTIST RIIKKA HAAPASAARI from Finland to know the aspects and gestures of the typical glass workers in our territory.
She had known some glassblowers, their work, the glass work in some factories in Empoli and Saint Giovanni Valdarno and She realized a video that will be projected  in the GlassMuseum in Empoli in which some glassblowers will propose to the present public a performance with the tools that they used during the glasswork.

Sincresis Associazione Culturale per le arti contemporanee
Sede: Via della Repubblica, 52/54 - 50053 Empoli (Firenze) - Tel. +39 0571 73619 -
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