This exhibition is conceived as an art’s workshop, presenting the four young artists’ creative itineraries, Marco Biagini, Vittorio Cavallini, Andrew Smaldone, Enrico Vezzi, who are active in our territory in the avant- garde. In fact they thought to go back to the initial dialogue during the project elaboration of the first exhibition “What do you see, Albert”, whose title was originated from a work created especially by an artist, Fabio Cresci, who, through a visit to each studio, using dialogue, in this case becoming the origin of the ideation so as to feed the creative tension useful for each of them to create new works especially for the exhibition site. The title is derived from a Fabio’s expression with the intention to research a contact between outside and inside, between life and art, appearance and essence, nature and culture, intuition and intellect, naturality and convention. In fact the observant will be invited to perceive a “thread of air”, a breathing to be consider one’s own position and dimension of existence. The complex itinerary was born with gradually, discussing and planning together the exhibition, that, once again can open a discussion on the contemporary artistic situation, to propose questions and to stimulate a comparison on the experimentation and of the actual directions of the research.
Chi Siamo
23/02/2008 - 31/03/2008 - Comunicato Stampa

Sincresis Associazione Culturale per le arti contemporanee
Sede: Via della Repubblica, 52/54 - 50053 Empoli (Firenze) - Tel. +39 0571 73619 -
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