Tuscan artist Francesco Landucci known for a long time for his creative itinerary, works with crystal and paper, with prints and seals that assume symbolic significances. He presents a personal exhibition in the Sincresis associationís spaces Sincresis with works that show the urgency of the essence and the tension of the research in the nature of a trace of the transcendence. He works in restoration and in the recover of geological and paleontologic elements for the University in Florence, enstablishes an immediate conjunction between this typology of research and the artistic operation projecting his own universe in glass paste soaked in light and in paper imprimed from which emerges a maze of signs, a labyrinth of reliefs and controreliefs that stimulate the look to capture the infinite itineraries for the eyes and for the mind, and feed the touch to excavate to explore incommensurable points of reference, as authentic cosmic coordinates. The glass forms often seem to be magmatic fragments in organic pulsations, derive from the earth, to extract fossil forms that once were living and which now imprimed in the glass or in the paper become symbols, traces, that stimulate again the possibility to return to life, to rise again as to find in them the seeds of living.
Chi Siamo
01/12/2007 - 02/02/2008 - Comunicato Stampa

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