The Sincresis Association, after the summer period, opens its own spaces with a Paolo Fabiani exhibition, an important artist who began his avant - garde creative itinerary at about the end of the eighties, oriented in direction of the sculpture in earth material, worked with a few of touches to compose in combinations with an assemblage of elements fleeting figures, with a deformation in primary plastic, examples of a domestic sculpture that draw inspiration by characters of art comedy, as the figure of Pulcinella, a symbolic expression of an adventurous life and tragicomic images of existential experience, which feeds itself with infant memories and adventurous an innocent look at the world. On occasion of this exhibition he presents new works, such as an installation composed of accumulated object trouvé objects and isolated figures with thin terracotta sheets that combines for the first time, a colour, that draw upon the characters from the Manga cartoons. As in the popular masks of Naples, the artist reflects his work and his imaginary and hironic vision of life, with a capacity to go off the rails of normality, the amorph schemes to suggest another way of looking, to shatter and to put in crisis securities and preordinate schemes.
Chi Siamo
22/09/2007 - 24/11/2007 - Comunicato Stampa

Sincresis Associazione Culturale per le arti contemporanee
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