The exhibition opens in concurrence with other personal exhibitions in the Bouche Gallery in Paris and in the Collica Gallery in Catania, and also in the occasion of the publication of a book, Natural History, about his creative itinerary liberally interpreted by Giovanni Iovane, Mauro Panzera and Alessandro Sarri, and edited by Ori in Prato.
The book, a part of which is in the exhibition, has collected many graphics and works on paper and was elaborated in 2006.
The artist proposes works based on the concept of the image as an auto-generator, created by forming processes, proceeding in formation.
Moreover, some carton sculptures steeped in china ink have been presented; they have been conceived according to drawings and they represent the uselessness of architectonic designs. The base on which are proposed is a box and a container referring to the relationship between empty and full.
Chi Siamo
24/03/2007 - 02/06/2007 - Comunicato Stampa

Sincresis Associazione Culturale per le arti contemporanee
Sede: Via della Repubblica, 52/54 - 50053 Empoli (Firenze) - Tel. +39 0571 73619 -
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