The exhibition introduces the photo works of eight italian and foreign woman artists: Renate Aller, Stefania Balestri, Connie Dekker, Martina Della Valle, Rachel Morellet, Elisabetta Scarpini, Donatella Spaziani and Margherita Verdi. Through photography they express themselves and life experience, while they are observing nature, the countryside and interior space through ordinary life. The title corresponds to the first verse of an Emily Dickinson poem, and invites us to meditate our individual universes in order to better know ourselves. This invitation is addressed to Hernando De Soto, a hispanic explorer who lived in the sixteenth century during the conquest of South America, but it really addresses Man in general. It is possible to perceive the duty to follow this great aim and consider also the impossibility of arriving completely at this purpose: the knowledge of oneself. The works in fact are like interior rhythms and they suggest looking for an entrance into our unconsciousness, to discover the underlying essence beyond the image and to consider long times as an immeasurable time of conscience, of personal stories, of lived scenes, of emotive pauses, in contrast with the convulsive rhythms of the technological world.
Chi Siamo
17/12/2006 - 05/03/2007 - Comunicato Stampa

Sincresis Associazione Culturale per le arti contemporanee
Sede: Via della Repubblica, 52/54 - 50053 Empoli (Firenze) - Tel. +39 0571 73619 -
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