Marco Bagnoli
Opere - Curriculum

Born in Empoli in 1949. He lives and works between Florence and Empoli.

Recent exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

Listen to the Reed pipe. The Spirit of Place, curated by Katalin Mollek Burmeister, La Magia Villa Medicea, Parkmuseum, Quarrata (Pistoia)
IO X TE,Landscape, (cat. curated by Katalin Mollek Burmeister), Limonaia di Ponente, La Magia Villa Medicea Contemporary Art, Quarrata (Pistoia)
Trisorio Gallery, Rome
Giorgio Persano Gallery, Turin
Dharma of Enel, The Nature’s Place, Bolognano (Pescara)
Mothers’Land, curated by Sergio Risaliti, Quarter Centerproductionart, Florence
Nicola Fornello Gallery, Prato
San Paolo Church, curated by Mario Bertoni, Modena
Quincunx I - meditation and performance, (elaboration video), Feast for Peace, curated by Barbara Tosi, Beautiful Arts Academy in Florence, Villa Demidoff, Pratolino (Florence)
Ceramic Tiles of Italy: Exercises in Architecture, Domus Academy, Milano
Design, Belgic Academy, Rome
Beyond the Landscape VI, (catalogue curated by Marco Scotini and Laura Vecere), Saint New Mary, Certaldo (Florence)
Beyond the Step, Villa Pacchiani, Santa Croce sull’Arno (Pisa)
Ars Aevi, Multicultural Seminarium, e 6th rendez – vous East – West, Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo
E of Delphi, Persano Gallery, Tourin
Base Event, Sonorous action with Luca di Volo, Claudia Bombardella, Ilaria Bellucci, Giuseppe Scali, by Marco Bagnoli's The City of the Sun, Tobacco Manufactory/art Manufactory, Florence
Fifty six Names, Rivoli Castle art contemporary museum, Rivoli (Turin)
IVAM, Carme Center, Valencia

Group exhibitions

Art in memory, Ostia Antica Synagogue, Rome
A Room all for Itself, Rivoli Castle Contemporary Art Museum, Rivoli (Turin)
Well done! Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center Collection, c. art Prato - Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center, Prato
Yalos. Why Glass?, Claudia Gian Ferrari Gallery, Milan; Caterina Tognon Contemporary Art, Venice
Turin tells Turin: Tucci Russo, Pellice Tower, Turin
Urban Notes, c. art prato, Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center, Prato
LII International Biennal of Art in Venice, Foundation Tethis, Venice.
The Land of the Mothers in Volterra, (cat. curated by Fulvio Salvadori), in Places of Meeting. Alabasters in Marco Bagnoli, Carlo Bimbi, Vittorio Giorgini ‘s Works, Comunal Picture Gallery – Minacci Solaini Palace, Volterra (Pisa)
What do you see, Albert, D’A Art Space, Empoli (Florence)
Contemporary Mediterrane. Nineteen Artists between Identity and Differences, curated by Antonio d’Avossa
Aragonese Castle, Taranto
Proximity, curated by Aldo Iori, Giacomo Guidi Contemporary Art, Rome
XII International Biennal of Sculpture in Carrara, curated by Bruno Corà, Academy of Beautiful Arts, Carrara
Sacro Cuore Catholic University, Milan
Apparent Silence, Gallery Together, Ascoli Piceno
2nd Rewiew of Contemporary Art, Call to the arts!, curated by Anna Cirignola, Dawn Space, Lecce
In Journey with Fontana, Giò Ponti, Boetti…. Lisa Ponti’s World, curated by Elena Pontiggia, Foundation Stelline, Milan
Female(s). An Exhibition of Contemporary Art about the female gender and its Implications in Contemporary Culture, Saint Croix Church, Villa di Carouge, Geneve
New Preparation of the Collection in the Restored Halls of the Castle, Rivoli Castle, Contemporary art Museum, Rivoli (Torino)
Quincunx I, performance with Luca Di Volo and Tancredi, Goldonetta Yards, Florence
Pietro Parigi Graphic Prize 2004, Lecture hall, Calenzano Town hall, Calenzano (Florence)
Exercise of Time, Triennal Project 2004 – 2006. Democracy of Body, curated by Virgilio Sieni Dance Company, CANGO, Goldonetta Yards, Florence
Free Wheel. In Bicycle towards the Parts of Art, curated by Franco Toselli Cycle Salon 2004, Fair of Milan, Milan
Traces of Civility. Travellers, curated by Mauro Panzera, Culture Project Pro Loco, San Casciano dei Bagni (Siena)
Children in Time. The infancy and the art, curated by Sergio Risaliti and Michela Scolaro, International Center of Art and Culture, Thé Palace, Mantova
RadioartPonti: R.A.P. Artists’ Thoughts for Giò Ponti, RAM radio – internet trasmission, Auditorium Pirelli Skyscraper, Milan
Artists ‘ Cinema in Tuscany 1964 – 1980, Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Center, Prato
The third Triennal of Contemporary Sacral Art, Arciepiscopal Seminary, Lecce
The Veil of the Arts, presentation of the general program of work, Empoli Town hall, Empoli (Florence)
Sounds. Ten Years with Artists in Fabroni Palace. Interations, curated by Bruno Corà, Mauro Panzera, Fabroni Palace, Pistoia
GRIDART, The Veil of the Arts, installation, (cat. curated by Achille Bonito Oliva and Sergio Risaliti), University of Catania, Catania
Strike /Seventy – two Names, Belvedere of Art, Horizonts, Forte Belvedere, Florence
Working Insider, (cat. curated by Sergio Risaliti), Leopolda Station – Alcatraz Space, Florence
So Near, So Far, Baldi Foundation, Pelago (Florence)
Seminary A. R. S. University of Studies of Milan “Bicocca“, Milan
Art to art – Renaissance – Naissance, International Meeting, Hypothesis for the realization of the artistic technological environment district, Monna Lisa Solar Eclipse, Hospital of the Innocents, Florence
Italian Interiors, curated by Mirka Miroslava and Walter Vallini, San Carlo Borromini Chapel, Italian Institute of culture, Praga
In the Sign of the Light, 10th Biennal of Contemporary Sacral At, San Gabriele Santuary, Great Sasso Isle
Exempla 2. Italian Art in Europe Events 1960 - 2000, (cat. curated by Bruno Corà), Civic Picture Gallery, Teramo
Continuity. Art in Tuscany 1968/1989, curated by Daniel Soutif, Fabroni Palace of Visual Arts, Pistoia
TEKE ROMA, Casanatense Library, Rome
Biennal of Arts and Sciences of Mediterraneo, Salern
Inhabitants, Art in Relation, (cat. curated by Marco Bazzini), Fabroni Palace of Visual Arts, Pistoia
Belvedere. Italian Art from 1945 to 2001, curated by Achille Bonito Oliva, Vjazdowskie, Center for Contemporary Art, Varsavia
Earth!Earth!, curated by Andrea Busto, Sperimental Center for Contemporary Arts, Capuchines’ Monastery, Caraglio (Cuneo)
Orient Syndrom, (cat. curated by Mauro Civai and Jade Viesta), Public Palace -Salt Stores, Siena
The First Floor, upon the head!, curated by Sergio Risaliti, Papesse Palace, Siena
Bienal de La Habana, National Theatre, La Habana
Artists and the churche, Diocese Museum, Brescia
BeyondLandscape, VI edition, (cat. curated by Marco Scotini, Pier Luigi Tazzi,Laura Vecere), Pitti Palace, Florence
Form and Sound from the Extreme Space Time, La Sapienza University of Studies, Rome
City/ Garden/ Memory, France Academy in Rome, Villa Medici, Rome
It happened in Tuscany 3th, Ducal Palace, Massa
Laurus, San Niccolò church and Fallani Best Gallery, Florence

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